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Summer is fun, but the intense summer humidity? Not so much. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your air conditioning maintenance, especially right now. No one wants to have repairs done when they need air conditioning the most, so stay a step ahead with preventative springtime maintenance.

5 Musts for AC Maintenance:

Don’t sweat the humidity - make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently now with the following tips:

Use your thermostat efficiently: Save money by setting your thermostat to a temperature that is as close as it can comfortably be to the weather outdoors. Remember to set it to a higher temperature when you are not home, and to set it back to the normal, cool temperature when you return home (setting it to lower the usual temperature won’t cool down your home any faster - it’ll only cost more.)

Use your windows: When the weather is cooler, give your air conditioner a break and let in some fresh air. It’s good to let your AC rest every so often, plus it’s cost-effective to enjoy the weather whenever it isn’t too brutal.

Keep it clean: In addition to working inefficiently, a dirty unit costs more because it uses more power. Clear the vents, filters, and the area surrounding your unit of any debris, dust, and dirt. In addition to this, change your air filters every season or as necessary.

Beware of cracks: Make sure windows are completely sealed, doors are closed, and all cracks and openings are either caulked or weatherstripped to prevent warm air from entering the home.

Inspect, inspect, inspect: Check out your entire AC system to ensure that it is running at its best. Make sure no furniture or other objects are blocking the airflow. Additionally, be sure to keep lamps or other heat-producing items away from the thermostat, as this may cause inaccurately high readings.

Make Your AC Summer-Ready:

Regular maintenance and inspection is the best way to prevent issues, but don’t wait until repair season is at its busiest - and hottest. The experts at Van Natta Mechanical will assist you through every step of your summer maintenance process! Contact us today at or 201-391-3700 and make sure your HVAC system is summer-ready, today.

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