Don't Let Your Air Conditioning System Short Cycle

Don't Let Your Air Conditioning System Short Cycle

Since we're entering the summer season, you're going to want your air conditioning system in perfect condition for these upcoming hot and humid northern NJ summers. Even if you've replaced your filters and gotten a tuneup, there may be a serious issue that could cause you some problems later on down the line. Does it seem like your air conditioning turns on and off every few minutes? If so, your system may be short cycling. Initially, you may not think this is a serious problem, but it can have long term consequences on the health and longevity of your air conditioning system and affect the comfort level of your home.

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts up, runs for only a few minutes, and then cycles back down. The typical cycle of your system depends on the size of your air conditioner, the size of your home, and the outside temperature, just to name a few. However, your air conditioner should be running in full and even cooling cycles. If you notice that your cooling cycle lasts only a few minutes, this is likely short cycling, which is the symptom of a larger problem with your air conditioner.

Why Should I Worry About Short Cycling?

You may be under the impression that short cycling is no big deal. The reality is it can have a huge impact on both your comfort, your system, and your energy bill. Your comfort could be affected by a short cycling system because it may struggle to cool your home effectively and will not remove as much humidity as it should. With how humid New Jersey summers are, this can cause some major discomfort for you and your family. If your system is working harder than it should be, the wear and tear on it over time could cause it to break down more often and shorten its lifespan. Lastly, a system that short cycles will run less efficiently, therefore driving your energy costs higher. Since the system is starting up over and over again, you will pay more in energy costs than if the system was running consistently.

Causes and Solutions of Air Conditioning Short Cycling

There are several reasons why an air conditioner might short cycle. Changing the air filter is a simple solution to try before calling an HVAC expert. An air filter that is extremely dirty or hasn't been changed in a long time can cause your system to have to work harder to compensate for the lack of airflow. When airflow resistance is increased, excess pressure placed on your air conditioner's components could cause your system to continually turn off to prevent overheating.

One of the most common causes of short cycling is an air conditioner system that is not properly fitted to the size of your home. If your system is oversized or too powerful for the space it is cooling, it will hit the target temperature very quickly and constantly turn on and off in order to maintain it. Short cycling can cause inconsistent temperatures in your home, frequent breakdowns and repairs, and higher energy usage. If the problem isn't with your air filter, give the experts at Van Natta Mechanical a call. We can diagnose the issue and remedy the cause of the short cycling problem.

Another cause of short cycling could be a problem with the refrigerant. If your refrigerant is either leaking or low, your air conditioner will not be able to properly cool your home, placing stress on components. This increased stress could lead short cycling in order to prevent overheating or other problems. Continuing to run your system with a refrigerant leak could cause permanent damage to it.

While these are the most common causes of short cycling, there are many others. Iced evaporator coils, a broken thermostat, or a faulty capacitor could all be potential culprits. Any of these issues can be correctly diagnosed by the Bergen County cooling experts at Van Natta.

For all your air conditioning needs, rely on the experts at Van Natta Mechanical to diagnose and fix the issue. If you notice that your air conditioner is turning on and off every few minutes, you are probably having an issue with short cycling that is caused by a larger problem. Our HVAC service experts will take a look at your system and determine the cause. It's important that any of these issues are resolved before we get into the real dog days of summer in Bergen County, NJ. The last thing you want is for your air conditioning to stop working on a day when you really need it. In addition to fixing your short cycling problem, Van Natta offers air conditioning system maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation in addition to spray foam insulation installation to keep cold air from escaping your home and reduce your energy bills. We currently have an air conditioning special for New Jersey and New York homeowners for an air conditioning system installation. Now is the perfect time to have your air conditioning system and ductwork inspected by a Van Natta Mechanical air conditioning expert so contact Van Natta or give us a call today at 201-391-3700.

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