Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

For many people, the first thought they give to their air conditioner is on the first day that temperatures start to soar. Big mistake. Taking some time to check and do preventive maintenance on your air conditioner ahead of those warm days is a smart investment - and springtime is when to do it.

During the spring months, HVAC technicians, like the trusted ones at Van Natta Mechanical, are more flexible with their schedules. They’ll perform a thorough check of your air conditioning unit and give it a tune-up to ensure it runs when you need it. That includes testing your thermostat, lubricating parts, adding coolant if needed and more.

They’ll also diagnose and fix any small problems like leaks that can quickly turn into big or expensive ones if ignored.

A regular, professional tune-up of your air conditioner helps it run more efficiently, which saves you money. Van Natta Mechanical can also install a programmable thermostat, a simple way to keep your home comfortable – and your electric bills under control.

In addition to regular service from Van Natta Mechanical, there are a few things homeowners can do to help their air conditioner perform at peak efficiency.

  1. Change the filter. A filter packed with dust and debris forces the unit to work harder – and all that gunk gets circulated back into your home. (If you don’t want to do it yourself, a filter change is part of Van Natta Mechanical’s professional service).
  2. Clear the vents. Check to see if anything, like furniture, is blocking your home’s vents. If so, move them to allow air to circulate more freely. Take the opportunity to vacuum up any dust that’s gathered on the vents.
  3. Clean around the outside unit. The fall and winter months tend to deposit leaves, sticks and other debris around your outside air conditioning unit. Have a look to see what might be in the way, and remove it. This includes any plants or shrubs that might be a bit too close; cut or trim them back.

So as the last of the snow melts and the first flowers make their appearance, remember to contact Van Natta Mechanical to get your air conditioner ready!

Beyond these simple steps you can take on your own, you should always have the Van Natta air conditioning experts take a look at your system as spring begins and before you need your air conditioner in the summer months. We can fix some of the more complicated issues that may arise with your air conditioning system and our comprehensive inspections will give you the peace of mind that your system is operating properly. We offer air conditioning system maintenance, repair, replacements, and installations in addition to spray foam insulation installation to keep cold air from escaping your home and reduce your energy bills. We currently have an air conditioning special for New Jersey and New York homeowners for an air conditioning system installation. Now is the perfect time to have your air conditioning system inspected by a Van Natta Mechanical air conditioning expert so contact Van Natta or give us a call today at 201-391-3700.

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