What To Do When You Have No Hot Water

You wake up in the morning to go to work, start the shower, and notice it's ice cold no matter how long you let it run or how far you turn the tap to the hot setting. What should you do? We have some simple things you can try to attempt to get hot water back in your pipes before calling a plumbing professional for repairs. If you're still having problems after checking these quick solutions, contact the hot water professionals at Van Natta.

Gas Water Heaters

If your hot water heater uses gas as its power source, there are a couple things you can check. First, make sure the gas supply to the water heater is functioning properly. Make sure the gas control knob is turned to pilot, take the cover from the bottom of the water heater, and check to see if the pilot light is lit, if you have an older water heater. Many new water heaters do not use pilots lights and instead may use a spark ignitor. If your water heater has a pilot light but it is not on, it is possible it just needs to be relit. If you do not succeed in relighting the pilot, it is possible the gas inlet valve has been closed. To open it back up, turn the handle parallel to the gas line and relight the pilot.

If you are getting some hot water but it is not hot enough, there may be another type of problem with your water heater. First, make sure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. If the temperature is set correctly but the temperature of the water is still not hot enough, the thermostat may need to be replaced. Make sure the heating elements themselves are functioning properly. Sediment can build up on these parts over time, and they may need to be cleaned or replaced altogether. Another cause of lukewarm water may be a leak in the hot water tank itself. A leaking tank can also cause water damage to your home or a short circuit. The experts at Van Natta can set you up with a new hot water heater to replace your leaking one.

Electric Water Heaters

If you are having similar problems with an electric water heater, there is a completely different list of solutions you can go through to find the issue. Often, the issue is electrical in nature. Make sure that a heating element or the thermostat have not shorted out. There could also be a wire short that is hindering the function of your water heater. Make sure that no wiring has frays or scratches that could have caused a direct short. In addition, there may be an issue with your circuit breaker. The circuit breaker may be undersized and not rated for enough amperage to run your water heater. A breaker could also fail over time and need a replacement. The electrical experts at Van Natta can help diagnose and fix any of these issues for you.

While the shorting or failure of electrical components is a uniquely electric water heater problem, lukewarm water is probably caused by an issue previously covered in the gas water heater section. First, make sure your thermostat is set to the correct temperature and functioning properly. Other common issues that may cause incorrect water temperature are problems with the heating elements or a leak in the tank.

Regardless of which type of water heater is in your home, if you are not able to diagnose or fix the problem with your water heater on your own, you can have the electrical experts and plumbing experts at Van Natta Mechanical to take a look at your hot water heater. Van Natta offers water heater repair, replacement, and fresh installation. No matter the issue with your water heater, rest assured that with our 58 years of experience, the experts at Van Natta can diagnose and fix the problem. If your water heater won't turn on or is not reaching the desired temperature, and you tried the above solutions or don't feel comfortable doing them yourself, contact Van Natta or give us a call today at 201-391-3700.

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