Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

There’s nothing that can ruin your summer quicker than a faulty air conditioning unit. It’s one thing if you’re AC simply isn’t working, but even worse is an AC blowing warm air instead of cool air on a scorching day.

There may be a few reasons why your AC is blowing warm air. Read below to find out why this might be happening, and if you may need a Van Natta professional to come take a look and help cool you down.

Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, your AC problem could be as simple as your thermostat being set to the wrong temperature. After determining your desired temperature, be sure that your thermostat is always set to cool and that your fan is set to auto. Checking up on this regularly could save you a lot of money and sweat.

Loss of Power

If you lose power to the outside unit, it could create many problems within the vent that may go completely unnoticed. In this case, you should check the circuit breaker and emergency shut off switch to make sure there are no issues. This could easily be fixed by finding a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are responsible for taking hot air and releasing it back outside your home or building – as long as there is a clean path for it to flow through. If these coils are dirty or blocked, your system won’t be capable of finishing the process and will blow this warm air back into your home. Make sure you regularly check to see if they are clean and well maintained.

Leaky Ducts

One problem that is very easy to miss is disconnected or leaky ducts. Even through the smallest hole, cool air could be leaking through the ducts and might not even be making it to the unit at all. 

If you think any of these problems apply to your air conditioner, reach out to the experts at Van Natta today! Van Natta professionals can assist with any questions or concerns to ensure you keep your home cooling system running smoothly all summer long. Give us a call at (201)-391-3700 or click here to visit our site!

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