Home Owner Testimonials

"I was very impressed by your technicians, Christian and Nelson. They were very open, and accommodating to my special needs. Every thing went according to plan. They were kind, professional, and understanding at all times. Furthermore, I thank Bobby the electrician for his diagnosis, and prompt repair work."
-- Adam G., Van Natta Customer

"My name is Andrew B. and I am a customer of Van Natta Mechanical Corp. Actually, I am now a lifelong client. I wanted to take a moment to express my extreme satisfaction with your company and all the its employees that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I have never experienced the level of professionalism and expertise from any other tradesman or company. Over the past few months we started out with a quote for attic Insulation, and ended up with a company that I can call at a moment's notice for every mechanical need, that my home might require. And there has been a lot to worry about. From the spray foam install, to replacing my hot water heater and dealing with a troublesome sink that continuously backed up. To the latest over the weekend when I woke up to my furnace not working, with my newborn at home and it being 6 degrees outside. A technician was able to arrive within 30 mins from my phone call Solve the problem and keep my family warm! Thank you!
The only name that I will ever use, when someone asks me, 'Do you have a guy, for that?' Is Van Natta!"

-- Andrew B., Long time Van Natta Customer

"I was very impressed by your technicians persistence in trying to discover the cause of (our) leak. He was very professional, as well as very re-assuring. He really went above and beyond to help handle what was a stressful situation."
-- Jennifer G., Homeowner

"Thanks for sending one of your plumbers over while I was on vacation. He came right away, got the key from my sister and fixed the leak. Peace restored. Thanks."
-- Chris P., Long time Van Natta Customer

"We always had outages and loss of power, now… no more thanks to your team. I will recommend you to all who ask."
-- Barbara E., Recent Residential Customer

"Three summers ago, I had a complete energy audit … and had your company replace a very old furnace…. air conditioning unit and 75 gallon hot water heater with all energy efficient units. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and, of course, the savings that followed."
-- Francine D., River Vale, NJ

"The best solution with the best people … there will never be anyone but Van Natta servicing our home again."
-- Joe G., Van Natta Customer

"The nicest, most professional and helpful contractors I’ve worked with!"
-- James S., Recent Van Natta Customer

"Thanks for arriving within a short time after my call… your man found and repaired the leak. He was exceptionally neat and professional."
-- Joan H., Recent Van Natta Customer

"Had a great experience with Van Natta today. Bob, the electrician, came and replaced three (3) of the four timers in my home. He was short one timer that is needed for the garage light. Please be sure that he is the one that comes to my home to install it. Bob was extremely patient and helpful, and he helped me setup the online app to control the timers switching on and off. While he was working on completing the timers, Jeff came by and reset the Ringer and front door alarm. Love Jeff, he's an amazing person. Appreciate all that you do to help me out. Please don't forget to email me when the timer for the garage comes in, so Bob can install it for me. Thank you very much."
-- Van Natta Customer

Contractor Testimonials

"The EXPERT Series starts!
On Friday, October 25th John Amels, co-owner VanNatta Mechanical, Mahwah, NJ. Came to speak with plumbing students about the importance of organization as it relates to…
1. Workplace
2. Financial
3. Personal
Presentation was top notch! Thank you for taking the time to enrich and provide our adult students with essential employment tips before graduation. Students truly benefited from the presentation.
Kudos to you, John & Bob Aleman, Plumbing Instructor."

-- Lisa Joy Alessandrino, Career Services Coordinator, Bergen County Technical Schools, Adult & Continuing Education

"On Saturday, your technician replaced my hot water heater. He did an excellent job and was a pleasure to deal with. He was knowledgeable, efficient and professional."
-- Stephen T. Boswell, President, Boswell Engineering

"Your guys were prompt, efficient, polite … and went above and beyond. They had a solution to our many problems and were always there when we needed them."
-- Jody Morton, The Designer Showhouse of New Jersey

"Your team is quite frankly the best electricians I’ve ever worked with. Their timely scheduling helped get us to the finish line. I am looking forward to working with you again on future projects."
-- Anthony J. Vero, MSM, Quantum Construction & Remodeling

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